Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Q&A: Wat is a good book about email marketing?

Question by MishaNL: Wat is a good book about email marketing?
I’m looking for a good book about email marketing. It has to include mailings and newsletters. How to create the best newsletter out there for example.

Any tips?

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Benchmark Email offers two great neutral e-books on email marketing.

The Benchmark Email Quick Start Guide is designed to be a fast and chronological approach for the person who only wants to know about the specific email marketing steps without stopping for too many definitions and creative direction. Six steps are clearly illustrated on the front cover and each chapter opens up to a thorough, but fast explanation of each step. You’ll start by getting subscribers in chapter one, move on to creating your content in chapter three, and you’ll be tracking your success in chapter six.

The Benchmark Email Complete Guide to Email Marketing is the most thorough textbook ever written on the modern email marketing process. Written to be neutral and informational about email marketing as a whole, you’ll find our complete guidebook indispensable no matter whose service you are using. The book compares email marketing to traditional forms of promotion & marketing while explaining what the tools are, why you need them, and how you’ll use them best to promote your business or organization. You’ll get great tips on writing effective copy and content for your newsletters.

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